How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4 – Laptop As Monitor For PS4

In recent times, the laptop industry has seen exceptional development. This improvement has encouraged more and more top gamers to enjoy the PS4 thrill in their laptop monitor. Naturally, questions are reaching to us on how to use the laptop as a monitor for PS4.

Well, we would like to commend that using your laptop as a PS4 monitor is an easy task; unfortunately, we can’t speak the same. Both your PS4 and laptop needs quite a bit adjustment to inter-connect so that you can use the laptop screen as the PS4 monitor.

How to use Laptop As A Monitor For PS4


But don’t worry. Our expert team has brought a solution to these issues as well. In this write-up, we are going to describe ways to use the laptop as a PS4 monitor.
Hence, let’s get to the point.


Two Ways to Convert Laptop Screen into PS4 Monitor

The use of a laptop monitor for PS4 isn’t as straightforward as cooling down the laptop during gameplay. You will need to adjust a few things and also perform some setting changes. Also, we advise you to remain patient and calm during the setup, since frequently, it will require a bit of time and concentration.
Let’s get to see them.


Method One

You can use a video capture card for the laptop monitor application as a PS4. But you will need quite a bit of investment for it. Yes, you will need to purchase the video capture card from a trusted manufacturer and also, make sure it works well with your laptop setup.
You will need:

  • Video capture card
  • Wifi connection
  • HDMI capacity
  • File sharing capacity

Once you are ready with these, you can follow these steps.

  1. Turn on the internet connection on your PS4. You can find the internet connection option on the settings of the PS4.
  2. Start streaming between the PS4 and laptop using the internet. You will need to connect both devices with the Wifi.
  3. Use a USB port to connect the video capture card with the laptop. As you connect the video card with your laptop, make sure you have sued the correct ports.
  4. Now install the software essential to run the video card on the laptop. You may find the required software either on a disc that comes along the video card, or you can download it from the internet.
  5. Then connect the card with the PS4 using an S-video connector. You will need to use the HDMI output connection for this.
  6. Once you are sure that the HDMI cable is connected correctly, turn on the PS4.
  7. The video capture card software will auto-detect the PS4 and start showing it on the laptop monitor.

That’s it. You are done. However, before you start your favourite game, make sure that all the settings are working well.


Method Two

Alternatively, you can use the Remote Play from Sony Entertainments. It enables you to connect the PS4 with the laptop through a remote connection.


For this, download the compatible Remote Play version for your laptop. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest app so that you get the smoothest experience. Then, install the software following the instructions. It should be pretty straightforward since all the instructions will be on the screen, and you only need to click on the right button. After that, turn on the remote play option in the PS4 and connect it successfully with the laptop.


The remote play will detect the PS4 activities and start showing it on your laptop screen.
Congrats, you have successfully learned how to turn the laptop as a PS4 monitor using the Sony Remote Play software. How is that, gamer?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I really use my laptop as the PS4 monitor?

Yes, if your laptop HDMI port contains both output and input facility, then you can use the laptop screen as a PS4 monitor.

  1. Can I connect my PC with my PS4?

Ye, you can directly connect the PS4 and PC using Bluetooth or a conventional USB cable.

  1. My laptop gets overheated during gameplay. What can I do?

First off, use an integrated graphics card instead of the dedicated one that comes by default with your laptop. Also, limit the FPS and change power settings to a minimal one.

  1. What is the ideal temperature for a gaming laptop?

Experts say that the internal CPU temperature of your laptop should never cross a 176°F temperature barrier while gaming. Otherwise, the hardware may get damaged severely.



A laptop is an excellent device to play games. Also, you can enjoy the PS4 experience on the laptop with the transformation of your laptop screen into a PS4 monitor.

We aspire that, in both cases, our in-depth suggestion comes handy for you. Also, remember that to stop overheating while gaming the laptop, the best thing is to use a dedicated cooling pad. Also, with an integrated video card, you can transform the monitor into the PS4 screen.

I hope, you find both descriptions straightforward. Otherwise, you can always contact us for further detailed information.


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