How to Remove Stickers from Laptop – Remove laptop stickers

Do you have stickers on your laptop? Are they old stickers that you want to remove? If this is the case, I suggest finding the right sticker removal technique.  While you may not have a guaranteed plan, you should be happy that there are many options that work.


In this post, I will give you several ways of how to remove stickers from the laptop. I have tried every one of them, and they are perfect. So if you finally decide to remove those old stickers, don’t hold back. Simply use any of these removal methods that I’ll give you.


Mild Abrasives

The application of mild abrasives, including toothpaste, magic erasers, and baking soda paste on the stickers, will wear them away and eventually remove them. If you don’t want to head that way, you can also use a damp microfiber cloth and rub on the stickers. This should wear them off faster.

NOTE: Do not use strong abrasives and don’t overdo the rubbing. This is because the two can easily damage the laptop’s underlying surface. Eventually, it can also harm the plastic cover of the laptop and leave it without its sleek, smooth touch.

Remember that too much abrasive can easily scuff the metallic surfaces of the metal-cased laptops. That’s why it is important that you make use of the mildest abrasives in case you want to use this method.


Ideal Solvents

There are ideal solvents that will remove stickers from the laptop. Some solvents such as mineral spirits, lighter fluid, and WD-40 will easily dissolve the sticker’s adhesives, thus making them so easy to remove, scrape off, or peel off.

While those options that I have mentioned are oil-based solvents, there are also some cool non-oil-based solvents that you can use. These include acetone and rubbing alcohol. You can also use vinegar and some water.

These options are also ideal and will easily loosen up the sticker’s hold on your laptop. However, it is never that rosy.

When using these solvents, you must take so much caution. The solvents shouldn’t leak through the seams or holes that are in your laptop. As such, you should apply the solvent on a piece of cloth then use it to wet your stickers around the edges.

The solvent is not an instant remedy. You should, therefore, give it some time to work before you can carefully peel off the sticker. Once the sticker is peeled off, you should then follow through and wipe the surface with some clean piece of a lint-free cloth.

NOTE: To finish off, make sure that you wet some cloth with clean water and rub of any traces of the solvent from your laptop’s surface. This is very important since leaving any solvent on the laptop can easily degrade the plastic surfaces.


Hair Dryers and Heat Guns

If you didn’t know, the use of hair dryers and heat guns is the neatest way to get rid of stickers from your laptop.

All you need to do is to set your dryer or heat gun to its lowest setting. Once you have done that, you should point the hair dryer or the heat gun directly onto the sticker that you want to remove.

Switch on the heat gun and wait for about 30-45 seconds. Your sticker should warm-up and peel off easily without leaving any traces of adhesives.

You can always regulate the hair dryer or heat gun heat output so that you have a comfortable amount of heat that you can easily work with.  Even better, you can also reduce the amount of time taken for each pass. This way, you will avoid much heat that can damage the laptop.


Oil Based Substances

Finally, the use of several oil-based substances such as olive tea, petroleum jelly, and lotion can also loosen the adhesive that’s under the stickers. Eventually, it will make them easy to peel off, and you will find a cool finish.

Do not apply so much of the oil-based substances. Instead, apply very small portions using a clean rag. Take care so that you don’t fill the gaps and holes on your laptop with jelly. This cannot be good for business.


Reasons for Having Stickers on Your Laptop

There are several reasons why anyone can have a sticker on their laptop. Some of these reasons include the following.

Manufacturer Stickers: There are stickers that come with the laptop when you purchase. These stickers include warranty stickers, operational code stickers, and stickers with the serial numbers on them.

Personalized Stickers: You can also have stickers that you want for a personalized touch. These stickers may include stickers of your favorite movie character, cartoon, or tattoos. They give you a style of your own.

Promotional Stickers: Again, there are many people who use their laptops as a way of promoting their projects, commodities, or items. This is especially true for salespeople. They may choose to stick these promotional stickers on their laptops.

Why Should You Remove Stickers?

Well, the reasons are simple. You may want to replace old stickers. You may also want to sell your laptop. Again you can choose to remove them just to have a new look on your laptop. A change is as good as rest.



Believe it or not, laptops are some of the items that are covered the most with stickers. These stickers range from the manufacturer stickers such as serial numbers, warranty seals, and activation codes stickers.

In addition to that, there are also personalized stickers that most people use to give their laptops a personalized touch. Whichever the stickers, when their time finally elapses, they will look rugger and out of shape too.

As such, you may want to get rid of them or to replace them with new ones. If this is the case, you can use any of the tricks that I have given you above. These tricks are easy to use, affordable, and are ideal if you are looking for the best way on how to remove stickers from laptops.

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