Best Laptop For 700 Dollars With Buying Guide | Top 10 Picks

Finding the best laptop for 700 dollars that suits your particular workflow is not easy. More often than not, you will find yourself lost in translation between various specifications. Under these circumstances, it’s relatively easy for you to make the wrong decision.

In other words, even if you’re an experienced techie, you run a high risk of falling victim to convincing marketing campaigns. This is why we present to you the finest picks under said margin. So you may cut the research time in half and get your hands on your favorite laptop in no time.

Top 10 Affordable Laptops For 700 Dollars

Each laptop has a character of its own. Go through the following elaborations very carefully to make the perfect pick for yourself. Here are the most optimal performing laptops under the $700 price range.

Comparison Table Of  Best Laptop for 700 Dollars

Model Ram Processor Purchase link
HP 15 15.6″ 16GB DDR4 i5-1035G1 Get it on Amazon
ASUS VivoBook S15 S533 8GB DDR4 i5-10210U Get it on Amazon
HP 15-dy1036nr 8GB DDR4 i3-1035g1 Get it on Amazon
Dell Inspiron 14 5481 4GB DDR4 i3-8145U Get it on Amazon
Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 8GB DDR4 i5-1035G1 Get it on Amazon
Microsoft Surface 8GB DDR4 i5 Get it on Amazon
HP 15-inch HD 8GB DDR4 Ryzen 7-3700U Get it on Amazon
Apple MacBook Pro MF839LL/A 8GB DDR3 i5-2.7 GHz Get it on Amazon
Acer A515-55-56VK 8GB DDR4 i5-1035G1 Get it on Amazon
ASUS VivoBook 15 8GB DDR4 AMD R7-3700U Get it on Amazon

1) 2020 HP 15 15.6″ (HP 700 Dollars Touchscreen Laptop)

Brand HP Storage 16GB
OS Windows 10 H Memory 512GB
Series HP i5 touch Item Weight 4.99 pounds

This device is well-reputed in the community as one of the most balanced laptops of 2020. New adaptations are always up and running (featuring the Intel CPUs). So you don’t have to worry about falling behind in terms of specs and performance. Now here’s the exciting thing about this laptop – It has an incredibly responsive touch response. This means that long gone are the days where you had to suffer from HPs poor input performance.

HP 202 15 15.6 inches Laptop
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Today this device works perfectly well with almost any digital stylus-pen, making it the perfect office companion. All you have to do to get started is pop it open and press the power. By the way, if you are an outdoor user, you’ll still find the anti-reflection very handy.


  • Satisfactorily responsive touch screen response
  • Bears an EPEAT certification for environmental friendliness
  • Offers over 40-watt hours of average battery life
  • Built-in Windows 10 Home 64 bit for smooth performance
  • Great overall value for money


  • It doesn’t contain an optical drive


2) ASUS VivoBook 15 Thin & Light Laptop (Asus Laptop With Backlit Keyboard)

Brand Asus Storage 8GB
OS Windows 10 H Memory 512GB
Series F512DA-NH77 Item Weight 3.53 pounds

Most laptops feature either a slim body or a thin bezel. But this one has both. And the performance enhancement in the recent editions is just the cherry on top. So this device is the perfect pick for users who are looking for both functionality and aesthetics.

Thin & Light Laptop ASUS VivoBook 15
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This thing weighs only 4 pounds so you can carry it almost anywhere. Not only does it fit perfectly in most standard laptop bags, but you can also carry it free-hand when traveling from one room to another. The power bricks that come with the device are not bulky at all, so you may consider getting this if you like traveling. One noteworthy limitation of this laptop is the fingerprint sensor. While this complaint doesn’t bear any valid proofs, multiple sources have found the fingerprint sensor to be buggy.


  • Contains a metal chassis for a sturdy build
  • Offers good value for money despite belonging somewhere in the middle
  • Sleek design that complements the aesthetics perfectly
  • Bears a great resemblance with 10th gen Apple iPad displays
  • Great form, function, and upgradability


  • Lacks color accuracy


3) HP 15-dy1036nr (Best for Money)

Brand HP Storage 8GB
OS Windows 10 H Memory 256GB
Model 15-dy1036nr Item Weight 3.75 pounds

Here’s a laptop that takes care of its health. Yes, you read that right. We’re trying to tell you that the laptop has a unique diagnosis feature that pries its problem with stop codes (on its own). While this is a very cool feature on its own, the device also has a super-fast processor and quick boot-up speed. Now let’s talk about the most controversial factor of a laptop – the battery. Most brands out there on the market will almost always claim to be more lasting than they are. However, this particular laptop has a reputation for keeping its word.

HP 15-dy1036nr Laptop
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If you like using your laptop for extensive video playbacks, then a fully charged battery will last more than 6 hours. This might not seem a lot to you, but 6 hours of playback is almost equal to watching an entire tv series. Other than that, the build quality further compliments the overall performance of the rig.


  • Charges from 0 to 50% within 45 minutes (using HP Fast Charge)
  • Over 2 million pixels for clarity and detail
  • Noise reduction software for an enhanced sound experience
  • Lightweight, thin, and compact
  • Very secure BIOS recovery system for protection


  • Features only one 8 GB RAM slot (non-expandable)


4) Dell Inspiron 14 5481 (Dell Convertible Touchscreen Laptop)

Brand Dell Storage 4GB
OS Windows 10 H Memory 128GB
Model Inspiron 14 5481 Item Weight 2.29 pounds

With a 14 inch display, this thing is both a laptop and a tablet. So when you’re at the office, this thing functions as a device to get you through the corporate tasks. And when you get back home, you can just bend it all the way back and start using it as a tab.

Dell Inspiron 14 5481 Laptop
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However, the keyboard is not detachable, so you will always have to carry the weight of the machine when you are using it on your lap. That can be a disadvantage if you’re up for long time uses.
Another limitation of the laptop is that it doesn’t offer the best value for money. In other words, you can easily find other laptops that offer more features in a lower price range. Apart from this limitation, the laptop is a great companion for students and office-goers.


  • Comfortable feedback from the keyboard
  • Good range of upgradeability for those who want to do so
  • Contains quite a lot of ports for all sorts of functions
  • The keyboard layout is full with a separate section for the number pad


  • Viewing angles are not satisfactory


5) Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 (Lenovo Convertible Laptop)

Brand Lenovo Storage 8GB
OS Windows 10 H Memory 128GB
Model 81X1004RUS Item Weight 3.63 pounds

The most interesting feature of the Lenovo IdeaPad is its convertible nature. Other than that, the incredible price point is also sure to attract various users from other brands. So, this is eventually a unique laptop for any user who is on a tight budget.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Laptop
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As for the display quality on this thing, it’s not super awesome. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do your multimedia purchase chores on the rig. In fact, you might not even notice a difference if the Lenovo is an upgrade from your previous laptop (if any). The battery on the IdeaPad drains fairly quickly due to the large screen and other cooling factors. So if you are looking for a device that will last a long time without recharging, then avoid this laptop at all costs.


  • Weighs less than 3.7 lbs
  • Reasonable price range
  • Convertible structure for ease of use
  • Absolutely no unwanted reflection when used with a glare filter (outdoors)
  • The perfect laptop for children and middle-schoolers


  • Build quality is not that great


6) Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Brand Microsoft Storage 8GB
OS Windows 10 H Memory 128GB
Model THH-00001 Item Weight 2.45 pounds

Microsoft is undoubtedly one of the most successful market leaders, and we all know why. Since the brand has its own operating system, therefore the incorporation with their line of laptops go hand in hand. As a result, users tend to recommend and trust the brand more than its competitors.

Microsoft Surface Laptop
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Now since the laptop is available in cool and warm colors, so you can basically go for any color accent you like. You will also notice that the laptop hinges are smooth and don’t feel like a burden even after back-to-back movements. However, there are some limitations in terms of the operating system. The device comes default with a Windows 10 S. This will essentially require you to only use apps that you’ve purchased from the store. This problem is easily solvable by simply opting for Windows 10. But remember that once you leave the 10 S for 10, there’s no coming back.


  • Sturdy and solid build quality
  • Soft yet responsive feel on the keyboard
  • Perfect for users who are looking for a mushy (gentle) feel
  • Extremely good RAM management


  • It doesn’t have a backlit keyboard


7) HP 15-inch HD Laptop

Brand HP Storage 8GB
OS Windows 10 H Memory 256GB
Model 15-ef0022nr Item Weight 3.75 pounds

Two words to describe this laptop? Compatibility and performance. Here’s the thing about this laptop, it’s perfectly compact for carrying. Normally, lightweight laptops perform somewhat mediocre, but that is not the case with this one. That is because the device features an AMD Ryzen(TM) 7 3700U processor.

HP 15-inch HD Laptop For 700 Dollars
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Not to mention that HP has designed this laptop to withstand a decent magnitude of functional pressure. Said pressure includes multitasking and a decent battery backup (even for video playback). The viewing angle on this thing is great! Nothing extreme, but more than good enough for three adjacent people to enjoy the same color accuracy. So if you’re someone who’s looking for a laptop that is more or less balanced in both aesthetics and functionality, then this should be your top pick.


  • Lightweight, thin, and decent screen size
  • No heating issues
  • Power saving mode extends battery life by at least 1 ½ times
  • Great value for money considering other HP laptops in the market
  • 7 x 1.5 airstrips for proper ventilation


  • Does not come with MS Office


8) Apple MacBook Pro MF839LL/A

Brand Acer Storage 8GB
OS Mac OS X Memory 128GB
Model MF839LL/A Item Weight 3.48 pounds

Apple started its Macbook Pro line back in 2006. Since then, Apple has made a lot of improvements to the device, making it one of the best budget laptops of all time. Before you decide to get your hands on this laptop, you must first realize that it will never be as customizable as the new Windows ones.

Apple MacBook Pro MF839LL Laptop
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As long as you are okay with the lack of freedom in that department, this laptop will suit you perfectly. Not to mention that the UI will also be significantly more stable and handy than Windows ones. Then again, if you’re a regular iOS user, then consider getting this over any other recommendation from our list. However, this device does not feature a touch screen, and the hardware upgrades are also fairly limited. So if you’re looking for a long time investment, then this is not your thing. Nevertheless, the device will work perfectly in co-ordination with other iOS devices in your home.


  • Incorporates perfectly with other iOS devices
  • Lesser chances of malware attacks
  • Hardware and software are designed by the mother company itself (Apple)
  • Almost all productivity apps are cheap or free
  • Perfect streamlining for multitasking


  • It offers less customizability than Windows laptops


9) Acer A515-55-56VK Fingerprint Keyboard

Brand Acer Storage 8GB
OS Windows 10 H Memory 255GB
Model A515-55-56VK Item Weight 3.79 pounds

One of the most attractive features of the Acer Aspire 5 is its fingerprint sensors. Not only does that gives you a boost in the security-privacy department, but it works smoothly as well. Not to mention that the laptop features a 10th gen Intel core i5 and an extremely clear sound output for an optimal experience.

Acer A515-55-56VK Laptop
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Pair the device up with a 5 GHz network, and you’ll have lightning fast connectivity with the rest of the world. Some Acer campaigns will tell you that this laptop can host more than 20 GB of RAM. But that is not always the case. With two slots, you can only upgrade it up to 16, which is also pretty satisfactory. As far as the device’s aesthetics go, it sits perfectly on any modern desktop, no matter what sort of work environment you have. Other than that, the laptop is lightweight and easy for you to carry around. So no more worrying about sore arms and heavy backpacks!


  • Contains two memory slots
  • Maximum RAM capability is 16 GB
  • Works with additional SSD
  • Significantly better than other laptops from the Aspire series
  • Well and illuminated backlit keyboard layout


  • Only works with Kingston memories


10) ASUS VivoBook S15 S533 Thin and Light Laptop

Brand Asus Storage 8GB
OS Windows 10 H Memory 512GB
Model S533FA-DS51-WH Item Weight 3.97 pounds

As the name suggests, laptops are meant to be kept on your lap when you use them. Unfortunately, not all laptops are perfect for use on rough/soft surface. As a result, finding the best laptop under 700 dollars 2020 can turn out to be a hectic task. Fortunately, ASUS designed their VivoBook to be used on all sorts of surfaces. So it doesn’t have any heating issue whatsoever. What this means is that you can take it on long tours without having the compulsion of always placing it on hard surfaces.

ASUS VivoBook S15 Laptop
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Not to mention the incredible display size on this thing. The very thin nano-bezel on the screen makes the viewing experience even more soothing. ASUS also focused on an ergonomic build. Therefore, they introduced a slight lift on the screen end of the screen for a better typing experience.


  • Sleek and handsome look than most other ASUS laptops
  • Contains all the necessary jack-ports for connectivity
  • More than average battery life in reference to the price point
  • The fingerprint sensor is fast and responsive
  • The perfect laptop for performance-hungry users


Gaming performance is not satisfactory


Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Laptop For 700 Dollars

A laptop is often a long time everyday companion to most users. So it’s important that you spend your money wisely. Other than GPU, cooling systems, and SSDs, there a few other essential factors to take note of. Here’s what you should know before choosing your rig:


• Size, Shape and Build Quality

Unlike the internal hardware of the computer, you cannot upgrade the size and shape of your laptop whenever you want. More often than not, laptops with the highest-end fitments are the largest laptop in the market.
Scrutinize carefully whether you actually need that big a device or not. Once you are settled with the size, take a look at the shape as it plays a much larger role in aesthetics than comfort. Lastly, sturdy build quality will make sure that you can whip the rig anywhere and anytime without worrying about scratches and dents.


• Input Methods

What grade of input method can you afford? Even if you are able to afford a touch screen input for your laptop, try asking yourself whether you actually need it or not. Sometimes making a small trade-off in the input method can give you a big bump in the other departments.
Then again, convenience and ease of use is a big deal to a lot of users. If you’re like that, then make sure you get yourself a laptop with a wide keyboard layout. Try to explore the maximum number of options in terms of key responsiveness as well.


• Screen Resolution

When you’re using a laptop, you’re actually using the screen more than any other part. So it does not need stressing that good screen clarity can go a long way. Enjoy movies? Considering spending on a good resolution so that you don’t have to sulk when the 4k movies you grabbed only play in 1080p.
On the other hand, going for a laptop with bare minimum resolution means now you have more money to spend on other specs. So it’s all about finding the right balance.


• Refresh Rate

Note that the refresh rate and screen resolution are two very different things. If you’re a gamer, then a better refresh rate will significantly improve your overall gaming experience.
However, if you’re looking for a laptop that has both a good refresh rate and screen resolution, then be prepared for a big toll on the pocket. Lastly, not all refresh rates will be suitable for your workflow. So do your fair share of research on which one to go for before placing the order.



If all the other specs were the arms and legs of your laptop, then the CPU is definitely the heart. Or maybe just the liver or lung. Anyway, the point is that it’s much more crucial than most other parts. Here’s why –
The CPU is the bridge of interaction between you and all the other applications present on your computer. A weak bridge means weak communication. So the more you bump your CPU, the faster operation speed you’ll get.


• RAM and ROM

Are you a heavy user? Or do you like using a few applications at a time only? These questions will help you decide whether or not you need a strong RAM. On the other hand, your ROM speaks for your storage. So a good ROM is a big upper hand for a user whose work involves hundreds of gigabytes of storage.
Luckily, RAM and storage don’t sit on the same slot of the computer. In other words, you can have both good RAM and storage without having to worry about the trade-off rule.


• Battery

Any device with a good battery backup means that you have to worry less about charging it frequently. Are you a user who is more frequently outdoors than indoors? Then do not compromise a good battery life on your device.
However, a higher battery capacity doesn’t necessarily equate to a longer backup. All the other aforementioned factors will largely influence how long the battery lasts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. Are laptop speakers loud enough to watch movies and shows?

Ans: Laptops normally come with an integrated speaker. Due to the manufacturer’s approach towards sleek design, the speakers may often disappoint. We recommend purchasing from physical stores in case you don’t know enough about the sound clarity.

Q-2. Are HP and ASUS Laptops better than Chromebooks?

Ans: This entirely depends on what you want out of your device. Chromebooks more or less depend on cloud-based storage. At the same time, Laptops can specifically cater to your personal-work and other multimedia needs.

Q-3. Is a GPU upgrade necessary for video/multimedia editing?

Ans: Generally speaking, the GPU or graphics processing unit helps in rendering complex graphics. If you’re a gamer or editor who works with graphical modules, then we advise that you do your research on what (range of) GPU serves your purpose.

Q-4. Which brand of laptop offers the most amount of flexibility (physical)?

Ans: As far as physical flexibility is concerned, the Dell Inspiron 14 literally bends all the way to turn itself into a Tablet. Looking for a ‘bendy one’ without having to go hard on the pockets? Go for the Inspiron from our list.

Q-5. Why should someone go for a laptop over a desktop?

Ans: One word to answer this question is ‘Portability.’ That’s basically it. Laptop users choose laptops over their bulky counterparts because it offers more portability. As a result, they can simply pop the device in their backpack carry their work around with them.

Final Words

The best laptop for 700 dollars is the one that caters to your needs perfectly. Users looking for a smooth laptop experience with a stable UI can go for the Apple MacBook Pro MF839LL/A.
However, if you’re looking for a more customizable device, then go for the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go. The Acer A515-55-56VK Fingerprint Keyboard is for those who are aiming to upgrade their rig sooner or later.

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