How To Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming – Laptop Cool While Gaming

Over the past few decades, the laptop industry has developed so far that nowadays dedicated gaming laptops are replacing gaming consoles fast. And with this trend, more and more people prefer a dedicated gaming laptop or at least a standard laptop for high-end entertaining games.
However, when you use laptops as your regular gaming partner, you will immediately notice one big thing. It is-

  • Excessive heat generated by the laptop during gameplay.

The problem is particularly harmful toa laptop since it can damage the device internally, causing you repairing expenses
So, we bring a solution on how to keep your laptop cool while gaming.
Are you ready?

How to cooling your laptop

How to Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming

Gaming laptops, as well as standard laptops these days, comes with higher graphics, incredible sound, and perfect stability for game lovers. However, these devices aren’t free from drawbacks. Oftentimes, you will see that the laptop is generating excessive heat like a fireplace.

Hence, it’s essential you know the ways to keep your valuable laptop cool during gameplay to keep it safe and sound. Here are a few ways that you can easily apply to keep the laptop cool while gaming. But before this, you need to know the reasons why laptops heat up during gameplay or any other activities. It will allow you to solve the heating issues with more confidence and ease.

Reasons Why A Laptop Generates Excessive Heat:

A laptop may cause overheating due to the following reasons.

  1. Overtime exhaust fans in the laptop (located either at the back or in the side) accumulate specs of dust. Hence, blocked exhaust fans may stop working or work less efficiently, which causes overheating.
  2. If the room temperature is too high, laptops tend to generate heat more than in the colder rooms.
  3. The most common reason for laptop heating is its improper placement. More often or not, we place a laptop on a soft flat surface that blocks the air ventilation resulting in overheating.
  4. Also, a malfunctioning internal laptop fan may cause the overheating of your device. Laptop fans mostly stop working after boot-ups, and due to a damaged capacitor, that causes the heat generation.
  5. Sometimes due to the overuse of the laptop, which generally happens while gaming, its hardware can’t cool down in time. This overuse also causes heat generation.

Different Ways to Reduce Laptop Heating During Gameplay:

The following ways have been suggested by laptop experts to cool down the device during gaming. These ways are simple and straightforward, and so, you shouldn’t face any difficulty in applying them.

Method 1: Placement of The Laptop

Ideally, you need to place the laptop on a solid hard surface while you use it for heavy-duty tasks such as gaming.

Laptop Placement

Unfortunately, we often place laptops on soft surfaces such as the bed or in our lap. It prevents the cooler fans and vents from proper functioning. As a result, the vents can supply cold air from outside and, similarly, fails to replace the heated air from the inside. That results in severe overheating and damaging the hardware subsequently.

On the contrary, placing the laptop on a hard surface enables the vents and fans to act correctly to keep the device fresh. However, if you can’t find a proper place for the laptop, you can choose these two alternatives-

  1. Put the laptop on your lap, but make sure the rear side or underneath the cooling system isn’t blocked.
  2. Or, place the laptop on a book or similar solid material to allow the fan and ventilation to work correctly.

Method 2: Proper Cleaning

Air from the surroundings keep steadily accumulating around the laptop, and eventually blocks the ventilation. Sadly, you can’t prevent the air from accumulating dust around and inside the laptop. So, the only option left for you is to clean the device regularly, preferably at least once every three to four months.

The cleaning procedure for a laptop is pretty straightforward. You can follow these steps:

  • If you don’t want to open the laptop for cleaning, you need to purchase compressed air in a can.
  • Before you start cleaning, you must ensure that the laptop is shut down, and it is thoroughly cooled down also.
  • Now hold the device with one hand so that the cooling fans or air vents are exposed underneath the laptop.
  • Now hold the compressed air can close to the air vent and spray it. While you use the can, make sure that it is positioned upright. Failing to keep the can in an upright position will let the air escape that may even damage the hardware.
  • Now gently tilt the laptop so that the intake air is thoroughly cleaned on every side. Keep repeating the process until dust keeps coming out of the laptop. When you find dust have stopped coming out, stop the tilting.
  • You need to repeat the can ignition and tilting process for all the separate air vent grills.

This way, you can clean the laptop at home. For professional cleaning, however, we recommend you to contact the service providers.

Method 3: Extra Cooling Pads

If you are a pro gamer and love playing the game on a laptop extensively, it’s better that you purchase an additional cooling pad instead of depending on the laptop’s internal fans only.

this is laptop cooling pad

A set of the cooling pad is inexpensive but delivers superb performance when it comes to cooling your laptop while gaming. It also allows you to place the laptop a bit higher that adds to better visibility as you play games.

Method 4: Having a perfect GPU

An inappropriate GPU for the game takes a toll on the laptop hardware that results in an overheating condition. In this case, you can do one of these two things-

  1. Upgrade the GPU to match your gaming settings.
  2. Or, if you can’t change the GPU, reducing the game settings such as refresh rate and resolution into a lower rate to match the current GPU setting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. My laptop gets overheated during game-play. What can I do?

First off, use an integrated graphics card instead of the dedicated one that comes by default with your laptop. Also, limit the FPS and change power settings to a minimal one.

  1. What is the ideal temperature for a gaming laptop?

Experts say that the internal CPU temperature of your laptop should never cross a 176°F temperature barrier while gaming. Otherwise, the hardware may get damaged severely.


A laptop is an excellent device to play games. We aspire that our in-depth suggestion comes handy for you. Also, remember that to stop overheating while gaming in the laptop, the best thing is to use a dedicated cooling pad.

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