HP Pavilion 17-ar050wm Laptop 17.3 Full Details Review

HP Pavilion 17-ar050wm Laptop is an excellent notebook that offers reliable work support to workaholics and allows you to carry it around wherever you go. The weight of this device is 7.2 lbs, which means it might not be effortless to carry it around. However, the portable features of this laptop make up for this shortcoming to a noticeable extent.
It also comes with a bigger display along with specifications that will be adequate for most users. To know what else this laptop has to offer, read this HP Pavilion 17-ar050wm Laptop 17.3 review.

HP Pavilion 17-ar050wm Laptop review


The AMD A10 9260P processor powers the HP Pavilion 17-ar050wm laptop. This processor from AMD is an entry-level one, and it comes with four physical courses. Typically, the processor clocks with a base frequency of 2.4 GHz and is capable of going up to a maximum frequency of 3.4 GHz. This processor is pretty proficient when it comes to handling your everyday activities.
This is an ideal laptop for light users, such as students or home users, as this processor is perfect for doing some research, working on office documents, browsing the web, and other everyday tasks. You may even be able to do some heavy lifting, but you could face some holdup along the way.



The Pavilion 17 looks sleek, smooth, and silvery at first look. And with the streamlined slots and curved edges, this laptop looks pretty elegant that one might find it difficult to see in most affordable models.
This appearance is achieved by substituting the usual plastic body for some aluminum finishes and with a paint job that turns the laptop body gleam with silver.



The clear, crisp, beautiful display is large and one of the outstanding features of this laptop. This device comes with a 1920 x 1080 resolution display that spread across a whopping 17.3 inches. With a display like that, you can easily navigate through interwebs or just do your everyday tasks.
Moreover, this IPS anti-glare WLED-backlit display will also allow you to use the laptop practically in any lighting conditions. Particularly, students looking to study outdoors on campus on a nice day will have a great experience with this feature.
The vibrant colors of this display will make everything look aesthetically pleasing.



The robust base processor is the AMD Quad-Core A10-9620P APU with a base frequency of 2.5 GHz that can be boosted up to 3.4 GHz. 2 MB cache combined with this processor allows day-to-day activities satisfactorily that are not too graphics-focused.
However, with the HD graphics supported by the monitor, it is recommended that you install an SSD because the graphics can slow down the processor heavily, sometimes to the extent when even a simple web page will not load immediately.
Everyone has different requirements, and these needs will decide which drive will enable your processor to its ultimate performance.
Another outstanding feature of the AMD processor is its Enhanced Virus Protection or EVP. It helps to detect viruses and malware. This is a good processor to begin with for the low budget user.


System Memory

The Pavilion 17 comes with 8 GB RAM, though there is no dedicated video memory. With the DDR4-2113 SDRAM, this laptop can synchronize with the CPU automatically.
You can also upgrade the pre-existing 8GB memory up to 16GB.
The existing RAM is adequate for programs, such as Photoshop, but the laptop may start to lag if you load too many programs at once. Simultaneously launching several web pages and applications might trigger the lagging.
However, because of this RAM, this laptop can greatly enhance the stability of the transfer rate as well as data access.
Nonetheless, this laptop is not exactly built for heavy-duty or graphically demanding tasks. That said, it works smoothly and perfectly well for your everyday work.



The laptop packs 1 TB 5400 RPM hard drive. The storage is an area where you may be disappointed. Although you get a lot of space with this hard drive, this storage is very slow and will only get worse over time. Moving data will be quite slow, and you may also notice very slow app launching times.
And for the price, HP could have incorporated at least 128GB solid-state drive to provide bigger hard drive storage. That is, however, not the case. Instead, you are left with this slow hard drive that might test your patience.


Graphics Card

The HP Pavilion 17-ar050wm laptop doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card. There is only an integrated AMD Radeon graphics card, which is great when it comes to meeting your day-to-day graphics requirements.


Battery life

This laptop offers an impressive battery life. With regular use, users can easily get around 7 to 8 hours battery life out of it, which is pretty good for this price.
Even when speakers are being used for media consumption, the laptop can still go for about 4 to 5 hours, which is great value for money.



This ergonomically designed full-sized island-style keyboard is another excellent feature of this laptop that offers great support for endless hours of work. It also comes with a separate numeric keypad, which gives a desktop-like feel to a sleek body.
There is a touchpad for the pointing device. The touchpad also identifies multi-gesture excellently and supports error-free navigation. The keyboard doesn’t sport a backlit feature, but it looks truly professional and stylish, making it an ideal fit for a formal working environment.



HP has always been one of the biggest affordable laptop brands. With the Pavilion 17, it remains the same. You get what you pay for this device. The price for a laptop of this capability and especially, size is not bad indeed. It definitely meets with the budget of most people who aren’t searching for a high-end laptop.


Highlighted Features:

Operating:Windows 10 Home
Processor:AMD Quad-Core A10-9620P
Display:17.3 Inches
Ram:8 GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM
Hard Disk:1TB HDD
Weight:11.5 ounces


  • Large 17.3-inch display
  • Reasonable price with good features
  • Comes with a full-size island-style keyboard and numeric keypad
  • High-quality sound
  • Great battery life



  • Does not support touchscreen technology
  • Only have two USB slots


Should you buy it?

There is no chance of denying that the HP Pavilion 17-Ar050wm is certainly one of HP’s more ambitious endeavors when it comes to combining affordability with performance whilst keeping a big size and maintaining a clean, business aesthetic.
Everything combined adds up to a quality choice, with a price that won’t break the bank.


Final Thoughts

The HP Pavilion 17-ar050wm laptop is an ideal choice for regular and low demanding graphic work. It comes with a large screen that provides vivid colors. It is an excellent value for the money. This device combines functionality with comfort and offers a wholesome device in which one can fit his own world.


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