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After a few months of use, crumbs, dirt, and other debris starts gathering in the keyboard of your laptop. An unclean keyboard doesn’t look good and isn’t fun to type on either.

However, achieving a clean and spotless keyboard isn’t as easy as sucking all the unwanted things out with your vacuum from beneath your table or bed. Because your laptop’s keyboard is not only expensive but also electronic, so cleaning it requires a bit more care. That’s why you need to know how to clean a laptop keyboard.

clean laptop keyboard

Below are a few methods that you can use to clean the keyboard of your laptop to make it look new and spotless again. But first, there are a few crucial steps that you need to take before cleaning.


How To Clean Laptop Keyboard

Preparing for Cleaning

These are some common-sense precautions that will protect your laptop.

  • You never know when an accident might happen, like you spilling something and damaging the laptop entirely. That’s why you should back up your data if you have vital data on your laptop. It’s always a good idea.
  • Completely switch off your laptop. If possible, remove the battery as well.
  • Make sure the laptop is unplugged, and there are no accessories attached.
  • The keyboard of a desktop is easy to replace, but if the keyboard of your laptop gets damaged, it may damage the whole laptop. So take your time while cleaning it and choose a good space. It is not something you can just do on the go.

Cleaning Grime

As a result of oils, skin cells, food dust, grease, and many other things, crud builds up and might contribute to the gross plaque and stains on your keyboard. You can use disinfecting wipes to clean this up, or you can also use a melamine cleaning sponge as it excels at cleaning up grime like this.

Soak the melamine sponge in water, then ring it out and let it get dry enough so that it won’t leave smudges of water across the keyboard. Rub a corner of the sponge gently on the hard parts of the keys until the grime is eliminated. Go slow because if used carelessly, melamine can be a very abrasive material. And try to avoid rubbing of the characters on the key. Cutting out the material into the right shape is also very easy. So, for more customized operation, feel free to shear off a portion.

If you want, you can use another type of sponge the same way as this. But the effectiveness may not be such as this sponge, especially when it comes to more stubborn stains.


Cleaning Long-term Dust

Dust naturally builds up between and on the sides of the keys over time. Get a vacuum cleaner to get rid of it. Wait! Get the proper vacuum cleaner for this particular task.
A hand vacuum is the standard solution as it comes with small brush attachments, which you can slowly maneuver around the keyboard to suck up the dust. A less powerful vacuum with a dust attachment could also work. After all, you don’t want the vacuum to eat the keys of your laptop.

The micro vacuum attachment is the ideal solution, but it is not a very available piece of equipment. That said, if you are really serious about your keyboard care, you can always buy one for yourself.

Another possible solution is compressed air. However, it is not a recommended method as it is a double-edged sword. While it can blast much of the dust and crumbs away, it might also blow them much further into the laptop, potentially causing more issues.
The more efficient solution would be a vacuum cleaner, so start there.


Cleaning Germs

Worrying about germs on your keyboard is normal, especially if you have been working in a classroom or an office or around sick people. If you notice the keys are a bit excessively dirty, and you are speculating if they may have become a threat to your hygiene, then it’s time to disinfect them.

Grab a bundle of cotton swabs as well as some isopropyl alcohol. Getting the isopropyl (rubbing alcohol kind) is important because stronger editions thereof may burn off some of your keyboard letters accidentally.

Cotton swabs or Q-Tips are crucial as well because you don’t want any liquids in close proximity to your keyboard, even for cleaning purposes. Dip and dab a swab, and ensure that it’s damp and won’t drip. Now, start wiping the keys one by one. This somewhat tedious method is easy to execute, yet it is very effective.


Cleaning Spills

Spilling something across the top of your laptop can cause permanent damage to your device. And spilling something potentially sticky often cause for alarm. To reduce the possibility of permanent damage, ensure the protection of the internal components of your laptop. Shut down the device, unplug it, and take out the battery, if possible.

Do not turn on the computer again until you are certain that all the liquid inside has evaporated. Depending on the severity of the spill, it may take one or two days to dry out. If it seems like your data or operating system has been compromised, take your laptop in for repairs as fast as you can.

That said, if your laptop is a survivor, it’s time to clean your keyboard. For the keyboard surface, a simple sponge or cloth is sufficient. But to clean up more worrying residue that may be trapped beneath the surface, you probably need to go deeper. This means removing your laptop’s keyboard.

But, since there are many different types of laptop keyboards, they differ extensively based on the design and age of the device. While some can be carefully removed as a whole unit, others can be easily opened key by key.

In some cases, you may not be able to remove the keyboard at all, as the manufacturer intended it that way.

Try taking out all the keys from your laptop, if you can. Use gentle touches and proper tools – explicitly, tools that won’t damage your laptop or keys. Try prying the keys off. If you are having difficulty removing the keys or just don’t want to risk causing any more damage to your laptop, then wait until you find a professional. They should know the best way to handle this process.
Most of the time, it is entirely possible that you will be able to save your device from whatever was stuck in it or spilled on it. However, your laptop may be a lost cause in some cases, especially with exposure to moisture.

Nonetheless, you should always consult a professional when you are in doubt.


Final Thoughts

Now you know how to clean laptop keyboard. Perform these solutions frequently or whenever needed to keep your keyboard clean, spotless and hygienic. These solutions take a bit of effort but they are easy to do. Be careful enough to not damage your laptop while performing these solutions.

Generally, it is entirely possible that you will be able to save your device from whatever was stuck in it or spilled on it. However, your laptop may be a lost cause in some cases, especially with exposure to moisture.
Nonetheless, you should always consult a professional when you are in doubt.


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