How to Charge a Laptop Without a Charger – Charge Laptop Without Charger

Assume you are headed out of town for a one-week vacation. So, your bags are packed, and you hit the road. You have your camcorder and your laptop in hand. Unfortunately, as you touch down at your destination, you realize that you don’t have your laptop charger. What next? Do you buy a new charger?

Well, you could. However, shipping a new charger from any reliable online buying site will take at least three days. Don’t worry. You can still charge your laptop and upload all your photos on social media in time.

how to charge laptop without charger

But how can you do that? Luckily, I have the answer for you. Here is how to charge a laptop without a charger. I will give you a few ways so that you have several options to explore the next time that you forget to bring your laptop’s charger along.

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Charging Your Laptop with USB

If your laptop comes with an inbuilt USB-C port, you don’t have to worry. It means that the laptop can be charged using a USB-C cable.  But what is a USB-C port? Here is a simple explanation to help.


Type-A USB Port

A laptop comes with different types of USB ports. The first USB port is the Type A USB port. How can you tell if you have a type-A USB port?

Laptop USB a port


Anyone who is using a wired mouse/keyboard is using a USB-A port. When you unplug the mouse, you’ll find a rectangular connector that’s at the cord’s end. This connector is called the Type-A connector.

It’s atypical USB port connector and is often used by people who charge their cell phones through the USB.  The Type-A port is also used to exchange data; however, it isn’t capable of charging the laptop.


Type-C USB Port

The next type of USB port that an excellent laptop will have is the Type-C USB port. This is a USB connector that was introduced by USB 3.1. The USB Type C is also called the USB-C and unlike the Type-Ais more or less oval in shape.

Laptop USB c port

This USB connector is revered for its high-wattage connectivity. As such, it can easily transfer enough power at faster speeds to effectively recharge your laptop.

Even better, in 2019, USB4 released a USB-C connector that can transfer data with speeds of up to 40 Gbit/s.


Charging the Laptop with a USB Connector

From the information, it is possible to charge your laptop with a Type-C USB connector. However, you require a charging cable that has a suitable plug adapter. An adapter is a box-shaped plug that you often saw towards the end of the smartphone’s charger.

This is USB a port for laptop

While some laptops now use USB cables as their primary chargers, most of them don’t. Even so, in case you want to charge your laptop using the USB cable, here is what you should do.

First, plug one end of your USB-C cord into the main power outlet and then again plug the remaining end of the cord into the laptop. You will be good to done and ready to catch up with your pals back at home.

But what if you didn’t access a USB cable or if your Laptop doesn’t have the Type-C USB connector? All hope is not lost.


Charge Your Laptop in the Car

Yes, you heard me. If you are looking at how to charge a laptop without a charger, you can also charge your laptop in the car.

How is this possible? Charging your laptop in the car is the easiest thing that you can do. It is so simple that you’ll be surprised.

Cars have electricity. So you can rent a car if you didn’t come with you. Once you have the car, you can take advantage of and use the power that it produces. However, you require two things to have a successful experience.

  • AC Adapter – The adapter should have a USB Type-A connector from one end and a USB-C connector to the next end)
  • Ensure that the USB Type-A to the USB-C adapter that you have is recommended for use in the vehicle’s USB car charger.

Once you have ensured that these two things are in place, you should follow these simple steps to charge your laptop.

  • Turn on the car engine.
  • Plugin the car’s charger into the car’s charging port – don’t do this if the car has a USB port.
  • With the Type-A section in the car’s charging port, now plug in the USB-C connector to the laptop.

Your laptop should pick up and charge. Remember not to leave your laptop unattended in the car, though.



Charging Your Laptop with Power bank

Finally, you can also charge your laptop using a power bank. This is one of the easiest ways that you can resort to it at any time. Even better, power banks are a common sight in today’s streets too.

However, you must confirm that your power bank has the right capacity to charge your laptop. Once you have done this, you’ll only need to connect the power bank to your laptop. While the type-A power banks can charge less powerful laptops, you will require type-C power banks for the more powerful laptops.

Hopefully, your power bank should have retained enough power to give your laptop the boost that it requires.


While some people will use their laptops for work, there are many reasons why you need a laptop. Many of us use laptops to watch movies, read books, prepare reports, or catch up with pals.

As such, you are leaving your laptop’s charger behind can be quite frustrating. You don’t want to be knocking on your neighbor’s door in the middle of the night to ask for a charger. Neither do you want to bother other people who are having a good time?

Luckily, you now have several ways to charge your laptop, even when you don’t have a charger. So don’t worry. The next time you forget your laptop’s charger, simply choose an option that works for you.


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